Thursday, July 18, 2013

Slack Lining and Temple Trip

July 5, 2013


This week has been AMAZING :) !!

Sister Stoker & Sister Cusick
Picture taken after dinner at the Bishop's Home


 Almost all of our investigators are progressing!!!! We went from having none to having them all keep their commitments! It's been so great :) I love the people here! Here are some interesting things that have happenned:

-One family we have been teaching for a while are beginning to read the scriptures :) they have been meeting with missionaries for 3 years and they are finally starting to keep commitments. It's been amazing watching them get answers and learn more from reading on their own!!! Yay!!!

-We met a new family! They live on a 'ranch' out in the country behind acres of groves of lemon and orange trees. They gave us fresh eggs from their farm and were super awesome! The story of how they met and got married is CRAZY. Basically he was on his mission in Australia and they both saw each other one day at church and knew they were going to get married. Crazy!


-So we were visiting some potential investigators when we starting talking about slack lining. Slack lining is basically like walking on a tight rope (SCARY) (Sister Stoker had tried it at school) and all of a sudden we see a big group of college students doing it in their yard! So we start to watch and they invite us to come over and watch. We are all watching when they are all like, "Try it! I'll hold your Bible or whatever!" And so after a lot of coaxing and reassurance I agreed to do it!! It was so cool!! They made sure there were people holding my arms but it was awesome! Sister Stoker did it too, we made sure to talk to them about the gospel and missionary work but it was just really cool :) Sister Stoker got a picture of it that I will get to you sometime! We invited them all to come to church :)

-We met a guy who kept calling us the "Church of Saturday's Today's Saints." It was really funny, ha ha, he couldn't get it right.


-Has anyone ever had chicken pillows? We had them for dinner at a members house one day and they were AMAZING :) so I suggest looking them up ha ha.


-WE ARE GOING TO THE TEMPLE! Its official! We are taking the Temple bus on Wednesday and going to the temple! We will be doing two sessions. Ah!!! :D
-Tomorrow is zone conference!! hooray!!

-I am feeling better, I am still sort of sick but I am slowly getting there!

 Thanks for all the love :)

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