Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Erin with her advent calendar we made for her.

December 16, 2013

Thanks so much for the calendar by the way, I really love opening something every day. I love hearing everyone's testimonies of our Savior. It builds my faith and brings me comfort. The chocolate is nice too.

Only one Christmas away from home. This time next year, I will have been home for AT LEAST a week :) I will mail some pictures today with my testimony. I would love to send presents home for Christmas, but this year it will have to just be my testimony and pictures. Please know that I love you all dearly and pray that you have an enjoyable Christmas. I can't wait to talk to you all next week, have a safe week! :)

Merry Christmas

 This week was awesome :) Charlene got baptized yesterday! It was an amazing service. Her son (a recent convert of 1 year) baptized and confirmed her. It was really special. She has such a strong testimony, I am so grateful for her example and the time I have been able to teach her.


This week we have had the chance to go caroling quite a bit! Which was amazing, because we went with members who introduced us to less active members and all of their friends, so that was great. We are planning on doing more caroling this week to less active members and to some friends of people that members referred us to.

On Christmas we will be having lunch with really nice lady we met who will be alone for Christmas and then we will have dinner that night with some members from the Church.

This week was also the Christmas Devotional! That was amazing, we had missionaries performing lots of different numbers on various instruments. We really are given our talents to bless others!

This week was exchanges too! Sister Stoker came!! She was my first companion when I arrived in California...AHHH!! I didn't get to go with her, BUT it was awesome to see her again! We got to talk some and we actually made one of the gingerbread houses that you (family) sent me during lunch!  It was fun :) I am so grateful to be serving here. I love this area and I love this work. I am very rooted and committed to this work. Nothing can shake my spirits! :) I'm excited to talk to family this week, I love you all! :)

Phone Call

Erin called on Christmas Day and we had a wonderful conversation with her.  She sounds really happy to be serving and has learned so much in the short 7 months she has been gone.  She says she is challenged by her experiences but is loving the opportunities she is having to learn more about the gospel, about herself and about serving others.  


Erin wanted us to let everyone know that she can receive email from family and friends would love to hear from everyone.  Her email address is 

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