Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Missionary Parade!

June 5, 2013
    I haven't heard from Erin yet but want to share what an exciting day Wednesday was.  Of course Erin was up early packing and repacking.  Deciding what to wear also took some time.  We made a trip to the store for a couple of last minute items, then to kill time we had an early lunch.  Since that didn't kill enough time went to a discount bookstore, a fabric store, and finally Michael's. It seemed like 12:45 pm would never come!!

     When it finally did the anticipation was unbearable.  The drive down University Parkway took about five minutes and we knew we had reached our destination we we pulled up in line to turn onto 900 East.  As we turn the corner onto 900 east we could see the long line of cars waiting to enter the Missionary Training Center gate.  The roads were lined with an army of helpers, greeters and hosts. Friendly traffic directors, people smiling and waving.  It was as if  we had joined a missionary parade.  The sidewalks were lined with Elders and Sisters from the entrance and around down the walk ways for as far as we could see.  It was a truly joyful sight to see and experience.  There was waving, shouts of greeting in different languages, smiles everywhere, hugs and luggage to rival a cruise.

     Before we found a spot to pull up to the curb where we could drop Erin off, she caught the eye of a Sister Missionary who was a Host standing on the sidewalk and they waved at each other. The Sister Missionary came up to the car and greeted Erin as though she knew her.  Erin got out of the car and they hugged each other.  What a wonderful way to start this journey of service.  I helped her get her luggage out of the car and before you knew it she was shaking hands with other  missionaries and I could tell she wanted to be on her way.  We hugged and she turned to join the others pulling their luggage up the sidewalk.

     She didn't want to be in tears as she went in so we decided to say our goodbye quickly and that's what we did.  Pulling away from the curb we had our windows down so we could continue to enjoy the spirit of the occasion.  There was no sadness just an overwhelming joy and pride in the group she was joining and the service she would give.

                                             Erin is pulling her red suitcase in the picture below


  1. Hi, it's aunt Linda Stewart. I was honored to be there with my sis, Vicki, and Sister Cusick. It was so exciting! Screaming and clapping was so much fun. I am so happy for Erin and I know she'll be a great missionary! She has such a sweet spirit about her. People will love her and they will feel the spirit through her. Thanks for letting Kristin and I be a part of it.

  2. What a wonderful experience! Thank you so much for sharing with us all, Vicki. I truly felt the spirit of your experience through your words. I am so proud of Erin, and so greatful that I was able to be a small part of this wonderful young ladies life!

    1. You are welcome, Dalynn, I will be posting regular updates as I get mail or email from Erin. I did post her first email, that I received yesterday, did you see that? There are 4 posts in all. I think this mission experience will be great for us all.