Friday, June 14, 2013

It's Finally P-Day!!

June 13, 2013
Our First Email from Erin
She sounds busy and happy!

Oh my goodness I am on a COMPUTER. I miss you guys and I love you lots!!
How are things going at home? Tell me!!
Okay so after mom, Aunt Linda, and Kristin dropped me off my host took me to a  building where I got my name tag and MTC ID card. Then I met up with her again and she took me to my room. At the dorms there are 6 girls to a room! In my room are Sister Anderson, Sister Hegstrom, Sister Mason, and Sister Snow. We have one less person in our district so guess who is a part of a trio instead of a companionship?! This girl :)

My companions are Sister Anderson and Sister Hegstrom! They are awesome and super amazing teachers. So after I dropped my stuff off at the dorms my host took me to my classroom and left me there. There I met my teacher Sister De Arton and one of my companions, Sister Anderson. Sister Anderson is hilarious. She was a dancer for the Utah Jazz. She is gorgeous and really passionate about the gospel. She pounds things with her fists and yells about how the gospel is true, she is great. Sister Hegstrom is my other companion. At first she was more quiet, but she is so funny too. She is more sarcastic. She went to BYU this past year and knows her scriptures like the back of her hand. She can explain any doctrine with ease, I'm hoping some of that will rub off on me!! Sister Mason and Sister Snow are in my district as well as Elder Spencer, Elder Howe, Elder Hill, and Elder Collard. Sister Snow was actually the girl in a bunch of the BYU Prank videos ( BYU mistletoe prank, bad breath) and she is so so so funny. Sister Mason is really sweet, we all get along. On that first day we had a lot of meetings and met a lot of people.

The food here is great. Its exactly like you said mom, there's a line where they just hand you a plate. But there are also wraps and salads and TONS of fresh fruit and deserts, so the food is pretty great. But don't drink the orange juice, one of the Elders in our district did and he got really sick!!

We have class twice a day, study twice a day at least, gym, and planning. We practice teaching investigators (our teacher and volunteers) everyday. Its really scary to teach people about the gospel actually. I'm working on my confidence right now. The lessons that we have in class are about the gospel, but they are sometimes about other things. Like Sister De Arton taught a class about stress management and she made us skip around the MTC and we had to "park our __" on every bench we saw. I'm pretty sure we disrupted a bunch of scripture study but it was so fun and funny :)
The first three days felt like WEEKS. We were talking about teaching our investigator Alec (our teacher) and how we thought the last time we taught him was two days ago when it was actually just that morning! Crazy. But after Sunday the days have FLOWN by. On Sunday Sister Anne Clegg came and spoke to the Relief Society. It was awesome. Oh and we have Sunday movie night!! Would you rather watch a movie about the restoration of the gospel, or a conference talk? ;) ha ha no 'real' movies but we did watch the restoration with part of our zone who was about to leave for Albuquerque , NM. They were awesome and I'm sure they are doing awesome! This Tuesday was devotional and we went to the Marriott Center on BYU campus for the first time ever. Three thousand missionaries were all on BYU campus at once. There were camera crews and people stopping their cars to take pictures of us. Elder Mervyn Arnold came and spoke to us (they thought the prophet was going to come) and it was amazing. First off we got pulled out of line to get in because 'they needed more sisters sitting in front of the podium' so we sat on the second row on the floor. It was amazing. Elder Arnold came and shook our hands and Sister Arnold gave us all hugs. One of my favorite parts was turning around to look behind me at all the missionaries.
TODAY IS P-DAY. We went to the temple and ate there! The guy serving food was giving the missionaries extra servings, it was nice :) so far today I have written letters, started laundry,\ (that's going right now), and laid on my bed and just sat there. Not having to worry about being anywhere at the time being. It was great.
I have already grown so much. I am learning doctrine and scriptures at a crazy rate and I can't express to you how happy I am. Sure I get frustrated and scared, but it is beyond worth it. I am so glad that I am here. I love you all and I miss you to pieces. I actually just started crying ha ha. I'm writing letters when I have the time and I appreciate everything you guys have sent me. My friends say thank you for the cupcakes and I loved the snacks you sent me! I am typing frantically because we only have 30 minutes. I will email next week!!! I LOVE YOU :) <3
-Sister Cusick


  1. Loved reading your blog. We are Sis. Mason' parents. It's great to read other missionary's experiences. They all seem to be having such a great time together. There are some pictures of your daughter on our daughter's blog:

  2. Oh, so nice to hear from you. I looked at your daughters blog, it is very nice, I spoke to Erin this morning and she seemed so happy. It was nice to see pictures. Thank you. !

  3. I LOVE SISTER CUSICK! This girl is my favorite.